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Desirable & Durable Bi-Fold Doors

High Performance & Contemporary Styling

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Bi-Fold Doors from your Local Experts

Contemporary styling that lets more of the outdoors in

Maximum Performance & Flexibility

The fashion for bi-fold doors shows no sign of slowing down. Why would it, when it offers all that extra natural light the whole year round. High performance &
contemporary styling.

Wide Choice
of Finishes

Classic colours to frame the view. StudioGlide™ frames are available in a range of classic colours, complemented by shootbolt and door handles in a wide choice of colours
and finishes.

Choose Us?

Quality materials & advanced design make for a smooth, reliable sliding mechanism & frames that won’t expand or contract. Temperatures indoors are kept comfortable too, with a thermal break in the frame.

Our Company is CERTASS Registered & CPA Approved

Bi-Fold Doors

A Product of Intelligent Design for Every Home

It’s flexibility and versatility make it the ideal choice. Clever features like doors that can be fitted to open inward or outwards using the same profile make life easier at the planning stage & during installation.
Bi-Fold Doors

An Extensive Selection of Door Configurations for Every Scenario

The great thing about our Bi-Fold doors is the sheer choice & flexibility it brings to door design. All options are available, with inward or outward opening doors, extra leaves, additional configurations & a choice of contemporary colours to create a customised ‘glass wall’ up to a width of 6.5 metres.
Bi-Fold Doors

Extensive Materials & Finishing Specification

StudioGlide™ doors are designed for 28mm double glazed or 44mm triple glazing units are possible with bead and gasket changes. Discover minimum and maximum sizes and weights here.

365 day comfort –
come rain or shine!

Personalise with a
choice of design options

Quality Products
& Installation for Peace of Mind

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Inspirational Installations

Have a look at some of our StudioGlide™ installations

Why Choose Independent UPVC Bi-Fold Doors?

We Manage the Entire Process
Environmental Performance
Increased Scalability
Bespoke Designs
Fast and Accurate

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